The Story of Htet Wai Yan” by Ye Myint Kyaw, Open Mind Library
Htet Wai Yan, the fat little guy who is a recent high school graduate, has volunteered himself at Open Mind Library this summer. He has been working non-stop since. He comes to library every morning to open it. When we got computers, he took a training course here. He used to ask too many questions while learning. Our course wouldn’t satisfy him so he took a few extra outside. But now, he’s teaching free computer courses here every day to 40+ trainees. He has found his place in just a short
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How Jotiparla Community Library in Bagan Transformed to Become the Well-Served Community Gathering Place
When I stayed at Bamboo Monastery in Old Bagan in 2013, I established a library, which I named Bamboo Library. At that time, the library only had 14 computers, 68 students, about 700 books, and 87 members. Some of the members read books at the library or borrowed books from the library, and it was open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I taught basic computer courses and English courses to 68 students at my library. For more details download PDF file here.
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