Magic Library Foundation Project

2019-02-23 16:20:23

2017 October - Onward : MBAPF is honored to partner with Magic Library Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland.  Main objective of the project are - 

1. Promotion of reading habit by supplying thousands of suitable children books in Myanmar language

2. Training to librarians from 60 libraries to improve the skills to manage libraries as well as make effective use of the library space for reading promotion

3. Magic Library Foundation Project aims to aims to increase the functional reading literacy of at least 5,000  community children and the readership of 28,000 community children through reading activities organized by 60 community libraries in Myanmar.

The project is focusing on the following activities

a) Supplying children’s books to 54 community/school libraries and 6 mobile libraries in Myanmar and language and ethnic languages where available;

b) Training librarian and/or librarian staff in storytelling and reading activities for children

c) Developing children’s reading activities in libraries (ie storytelling, poetry reading, writing competition, etc)

d) Monitoring children’s reading literacy with the support of librarians

The project coverage reaches all states and regions of the country(except Karen State). Among 60 participating libraries, there are - 

  • 26 community libraries
  • 16 public libraries
  • 8 school libraries
  • 6 mobile libraries
  • 3 monastic school libraries
  • 1 non-formal education center

Starting from October 2017, the project could deliver storytelling and reading activities training for 64 librarians from 60 libraries. The project has provided a different categories of 31,800 children books to 60 libraries including over 200 stories and fairy tales from TV channel could be distributed to first cohort of 30 libraries.

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