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Mobile Information Literacy Training @Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We take great pleasure in conducting 'Mobile Information Literacy' Training for the third time at 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nay Pyi Taw'.We also would like to express our deep gratitude for The Asia Foundation's generous support and arrangements for our recent 'Mobile Information Literacy' Trainings at -1. Union Parliament, Nay Pyi Taw2. Ministry of Information, Nay Pyi Taw3. Ministry of Info.
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2019-06-30 12:06:11


New Vision Library-IT School, Intensity Library and Yone Kyi Yar-Knowledge Propagation Society and Library are now equipped with "Kolibri". Using the tablets, library visitors can now watch Burmese-subtitled offline videos on Khan Academy Channel which covers a variety of subjects for learners.With special thanks to -Learning Equality for your Kolibri Hardware Grant ProgramKhan Academy Burmese.
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2019-06-30 03:52:14

Tech Age Girls Myanmar

A mobile bike library was donated to Ma The Nu San, one of the Tech Age Girls Myanmar, from Phaung Taw Oo monastic school at the CSR ceremony of Ooredoo..
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2019-06-29 07:40:42

The first Singapore Literature Exchange Programme (SEA LIT Programme) organized by MBAPF and Singapore Book Council

News Coverage by :1. MM Times2. The Voice Journal.
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2019-04-09 03:09:29

Tech Age Girls Myanmar 2019 was launched in four consecutive years. Ooredoo Myanmar is the main sponsor of this year TAG.

2019-03-27 03:04:39

Coverage of Beyond Access Myanmar project and Let's Read Project by "Good Morning Myanmar" programme of Channel 7.

2019-03-16 02:04:58